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Axpert vM II non battery connection

Deon Zeelie

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Can someone please clarify this contradicting statement.

On the Voltronic Power page the indicate that the Axpert VN II can be connected without batteries running from either Grid or Solar.

two installers I have spoken to says NO it cannot be done.

According to them the only difference between the earlier one and this on is the PV input voltage that was increase to 450v.

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On 2019/03/13 at 2:52 PM, Deon Zeelie said:

Two installers I have spoken to says NO it cannot be done. 

It is somewhat true. I was unable to turn on my inverter without batteries. But i think that you only need batteries to turn it on. Once it is on you can disconnect it as i have heard but i have not tested it out for myselfe. 

Good luck. 

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5 hours ago, Coulomb said:

That sounds crazy to me. But I've not seen any batteryless models.

It's more of an accidental side-effect, most probably not designed to work like that. Victron systems can also do this. There are enough large capacitors on the DC bus to keep things going if you disconnect the batteries... but it will usually drop out the second a large load starts or stops because the voltage will drop/spike out of range.

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