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pylontech / axpert charge question


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hi guys, with the axpert program 1 set to sbu and 16 set to uti during night after a clouded day and with loadshedding stage four i find that the axpert switches between battery and utility very frequently, the present load is about 1.6kw

this frequent switching does not seem right.

how can i fix this that utility carries the loads and the batteries are topped up without using them unnecessary?

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14 hours ago, gabriel said:

program one should be uti, this solved the problem

Err, but then every moment that there is AC input, presumably whenever Eskom is available, the loads will be run from AC in (the machine will be in bypass all the time). I think you will want to run from solar at least part of the day.

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1 hour ago, SilverNodashi said:


program one should be uti, this solved the problem

thanks guys!

nope, i was wrong again, @Coulomb assisted me eventually and the settings as in the above pdf now work very well.

those settings let me benefit solar during the day, i.e. if there is enough sunlight the pvs carry the load, not the batteries*. the batteries are kept as full as possible to carry the loads during load-shedding or the new afrikaans word 'kragkaping' [power capture aka electricity theft]. when there is low light or none at all utility carries the load and the batteries are kept full in order to carry the load during kragkaping by the electricity snitching commission [escom] - ok, so it is a glorified ups at present but i don't mind that, it carries us through the dark patches and is very light on the batteries.

so although i have a ups, by courtesy of the 25 years of incompetent management of this once operational country, i get my batteries cycled on a daily basis 

if you have suggestions to enhance my power experience - without spending more money or emigrating :D - let me know!

* although we have a solar geyser i replaced the standard 3kw element with a 1kw element, connected it to the inverter [instead of utility] and set the timer/thermostat to activate it between 10:00 and 15:00 in order to utilize pv capacity more fully; why replace the element? because if the 3kw would kick in the inverter would switch to utility and i loose out on ALL pv generation [the axpert takes power from one or the other, it will not mix as i understand from this very good video by marius fourie] , now the sun plus the 1kw element heats up the 200l during the day comfortable. but what if the day is overcast? having a 1kw element running from utility to get the water to say 50c is not a big cost factor. remember i have a flat panel and no vacuum tubes, if you plan on going solar geyser, get vacuum tubes - it is worth it!

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