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Vmax and Imax for Solar Question


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Hi Guys. Question and input from your guys side. My inverter Vmax is 90 VDC and the Imax is 50 Amps. My plans was to go for the 260w AE Solar panel that is 29.99 Vmp and 8.67 Imp that will give my 2600wp / 59.98 Vdc / 43.35 Amps that will go to the inverter. 

But I was looking at the CanadianSolar panels that is 325w / 37.0 Vmp /8.78 Imp that will give me 3250wp / 74 Vdc / 43.9 Amps that is way more Watts that i can use to my house and to charge the 48v/190amp battery bank in day time.

My question is, If i go for the CanadianSolar Panels, will i be in my safe working parameters of my inverter. 

Inverter 90VDC - Solar 74VDC = 16 vdc 

Inverter 50A - Solar 43.9A  = 6.1 amp

Panels will run 2 in series and 5 strings , i added a pic of how my setup will look. 

Your info and help will be really be appreciated. 

solar to inverter.png

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On 2019/03/20 at 9:46 AM, Gerlach said:

oooo yes, and must i use 6mm or 10mm cable from the panels to the the fuse box?

Me, I would use 10mm2 wires. Less voltage drop and just better.

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