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1 hour ago, plonkster said:

@Gabriell, meet @gabriel. Now go and watch this:

now that was fun; indeed i have gotten use to a wide variety of permutations of Gabriël; note the umlaut or diaeresis ; two homoglyphic diacritical marks that consist of two dots placed over a letter, usually a vowel..., as per the video I INSIT ON IT BEING CORRECT [hahaha 🤪] - anything from gg, g, gabs, gabe, gabriella... so whats in a name plonkie? :D 

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37 minutes ago, gabriel said:

whats in a name plonkie?

I have a name which can be spelled with an s or a z. Mine is spelled with a z. I also insist on it being used correctly. I had to learn to tolerate those people who reply to your email (your name is right there in front of them) and still get it wrong... I guess for some content is more important than presentation. Okay then... 🙂

Edit: As for the nick name... it is modelled more or less after a number of ideas, 1) you plonk yourself down on a chair, 2) it's how one might describe the average "error" sound on most operating systems, 3) it describes wine of a dubious quality, 4) It's a pun on the term Napster, eg one of the characters in the modern remake of the Italian job insists on being called the napster, 5) it's a kind of self-deprecating joke, and 6) it's quite close to plonker, which was a thing in the late 90s, 7) IRC was a thing back then, and being a complete plonker was something I got called at times... so I made it my own.


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33 minutes ago, plonkster said:

I guess for some content is more important than presentation

i believe there should be a good mix but in the end content counts, 40 years ago it was important for me to wear a silk tie, now i have one polyester tie somewhere which i have not used in 10 years, i even attend church in crocs... it is a heart matter  🙌

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27 minutes ago, gabriel said:

even attend church in crocs

I still try to wear a good pair of tackies, at least trousers (though they are generally Denim) and I only switched to a T-shirt this year. But I'm involved with the children's ministry, so I can dress a bit more informally.

I tell you, kids are a different matter. First off... I don't know how teachers do it every day. Second, you have that one difficult kid who is bouncing off the walls, and then one day you are discussing Matthew 5:4 and you ask a bunch of 9-year olds what makes them sad... and that same kid says straight to your face: That my mom and dad got divorced. Bloody hell, that was like a ton of bricks.

Anyway... sorry about the derailment... 🙂

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