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Must / Axpert Inverter with Grid Tie?


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Hi All

Geewiz has a very competitively priced Axpert Inverter 5000VA (5000W) PURE Sine Wave Inverter 48V (MKS-5K) - 80A MPPT (4000W) that seems to support a grid tie mode as their spec sheet refers to a Must PV1800 VHM Series Inverter

The Must spec sheet refers to a "Solar priority mode 05"

"Solar energy provides power to charge battery as first priority. When the utility is available, if the battery voltage is lower than the setting point in program 21, the solar energy will never supply to the load or feed into the grid, only charge the battery. If the battery voltage is higher than the setting point in program 21, the solar energy will supply to the load or feed into the grid or recharge the battery."

Is this actually a 5kw solar hybrid inverter for R10 500?

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There are many different models, not all of them are grid tie capable. In the brochure from the advertisement, they don't mention grid tie ability. So I think you're looking at specifications for a different model to the one advertised.

These are manufactured by Must Power, who were at one point considered a clone manufacturer (of Voltronic Power Axperts). The two manufacturers seem to have diverged more now, though the similarity to the Axpert is still very strong.

I have no idea what the build quality is like. I'd be very curious to know if they have fixed the notorious premature float bug that Voltronic Power seems to refuse to even acknowledge.

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I must say, I can't really find myself willing to buy anything from a company that started out by making fake copies of a product.  Doesn't inspire trust in their product.

That said, I mirror @Coulomb sentiment that seeing the inside of it in detail would be very enlightening.

Can't help but notice after following the GeeWiz link how the prices have suddenly increased by around R2-4k for an unchanged product since Stage 4 kicked in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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7 hours ago, miles said:

That one is a VM II, which seems to be a "value line" (not parallelable) version of the Axpert II (i.e. it has the 450 V max MPPT). It doesn't have the zero transfer time feature of the VM III.


If you download the spec sheet it's branded Voltronic. But obviously not the Mecer version we most often see. 

Is this a legitimate Voltronic unit?

It's hard to say. I didn't immediately see any red flags. The all-blue case is unusual but not inconsistent with a genuine rebadged Voltronic Power model. A photo of the sticker on the side would reveal many more clues about whether it's genuine.

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Added "not parallelable"
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