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Dual Axpert Inverters with 5 x 3.5KW Pylontech Advise


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I need to power around 8 KW of equipment at my office, the cheapest design i have been able to come up with is 2 x 5w Axpert Inverters in Parallel with the linked to 5 x 3.5KW  Pylontech batteries, has I have installed a number of Single Axpert units with the Pylontech batteries, I am unsure how the Parallel units would cope ? technically would only 1 Axpert charge the batteries ?

Please any advice would be appreciated.


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1 hour ago, Dean said:

technically would only 1 Axpert charge the batteries ?

You can set separate charge limits on each, but generally you'd have each do about the same utility charging (maybe you'd have 40 A on one and 30 A on the other since you can't set a 35 A limit). If you have solar panels, you can put them all on one or split them between the two.

8 kW is quite a load. Is it all constant, like computer servers? Or are there motors with heavy start-up requirements?

8 kW continuous on a 10 kW rated system leaves little room for surges.

[ Edit: is it all on one phase? ]

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Thanks, the load will only be around a constant 5-6 with (4 in spare for any inrush current) Its single phase.

If I wanted to put 7-8kw of solar into the mix, would you go directly to both axperts units or would you AC couple with another inverter.




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