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Axpert 5Kv 48V Charge Settings


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Hi All


Just wanting to check my settings with other Axpert Users:


I have the following:

Axpert 5Kv 48V


200 ah bank - 2x 48V banks (12 x 4 102ah Lead Acid Batteries each)

2x 300W panels


I have following settings:

1    SOL

2    20A

12  48V (default feels to low for me)

13  FUL (don't know what this voltage equates to ???)

16  CSO

26  57.6V (Bulk voltage)

27  54 (Float voltage)

31  Sbe


When I want to equalise the bank I then change 26 from 57.6 to 58.4 (the highest I can go???)


Your thoughts please...











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What type batteries are you using? Most sla types do not require equalisation. But if you do just set the voltage as required when doing a once off equalisation.

I have Lead Calcium 102 ah deep cycle batteries so would like a higher equalisation but use the Axpert Max of 58.4V setting for a charge cycle around the end of each month.




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