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Axpert KS 3Kva - charging current indication


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The Axpert  3kVA model's MPPT operating range is 30V to 66V. Yingli panels VOC is 38.7 V but its PMax is 30.6 V @ STC. Under what they think is normal operating conditions PMax drops to 27.9 V for those panels. The Axpert was designed around panels with lower voltages. The voltage  from 1 panel or 2 panels in parallel is too low for the 30V threshold and 2 panels in series could exceed the 66V ceiling. Try different panels in series that have a lower VOC between 20V and 30V should do if you do not have cold winters, or two  50V panels in parallel.



I see there is an absolute max of 75V on the MPPT so depending whether you are a risk-taker and on how cold your winters are you could connect your Yinglis in series but 38.7 x 2 = 77.4 V and if you are in a cold area that could climb to about 85V.

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It's the KS model with a PWM charge controller 50A, PV array VOC is 60V - Yingli panel VOC is 37.7V, Pmax is 30V @ STC.

6 of these panels can be connected in parallel, none in series (as mentioned, the VOC would be exceeded).


Missing the point, the charging current should be displayed, whether AC or PV or a combination of both.

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Extract from manual although formatting has been omitted.

Take 2K/3KVA inverter as an example to select proper PV module. After considering Voc of PV module not exceed 60Vdc and max. Vmpp of PV module close to 30Vdc or within 30Vdc ~ 32Vdc, we can choose PV module with below specification. 

Maximum Power (Pmax)   260W   Max. PV module numbers in series 1 > 30.9 x 1 = 30 ~ 32 Max. Power Voltage Vmpp(V) 30.9V Max. Power Current Impp(A) 8.42A PV module numbers in parallel 6 > 50 A / 8.42  Total PV module numbers 1 x 6 = 6 Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 37.7V Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 8.89A Maximum PV module numbers in Series: 1 PV module numbers in Parallel: 6 Total PV module numbers: 1 x 6 = 6  

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