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NuPower Vs Geyserwise for controlling solar geyser

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I have recently seen a product called NuPower (the SR868C8Q CONTROLLER) which was suggested as the controller for an EV retrofit for a 200l existing geyser which I am looking to install. I have not heard of these before and wondered if anyone had used them and how they stacked up against Geyserwise which seems to be the more used product? The display seems to be pretty good as I am not a fan of the extremely bright and Geyserwise panel especially as you can't dim it - my last unit which was in my old house and bought about 5 or 6 years back eventually had a cardboard flap over it to dim it down.

I have attached the Manual here for anyone wanting more technical info.

Controller Manual Quick Guide indd.pdf

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14 minutes ago, Moose said:


They are used by Apollo solar geysers. I've had one for about 8 years , I think I prefer it to the geyserwiser. It has place for 2 temperature probes to controll the circulation pump and the unit I hot came with a SSR to switch the element which is a better idea too.

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