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Exide 230Ah Silver Calcium batteries


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Hi all,


Curious about the suitability of these batteries for renewable energy. You can google them to find the very basic spec sheet, but there is no cycle life info for it. It appears to be the same kind of tech used by the Excis FMF type battery.


Seems to be an AGM type battery with silver-calcium plates.

What kind of cycle life is to be expected?


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That's what I suspect too. It looks like best case they will do 1000 cycles if you cycle 20% DoD, which isn't brilliant. Only reason I am asking, I can get those 4 batteries for 8k. They are 5 months old and I know the seller well, they have not been mistreated. For my use case, a 20% DoD is actually fine. So it's really a bang-for-buck thing, but so far I really have the feeling that 1) it's better for the seller if he sells them to someone who will use them for backup purposes, and 2) it only really makes sense for me if I can get them for 6k or less... :-)

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