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Can anyone recommend PV installers in my area?


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hi All, 


I'm based in Kuilsriver and have a inverter/battery setup, but I'm looking to add a 3kW PV installation to my setup... 


I have a tile roof and I'm looking for a GOOD/Reliable PV installer... (I can source my own panels)


Any recommendations are welcomed!






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This is one of those typical time issues.. If I have to wait for myself to get it done... I still won't have PV when the cows come home...


Some years ago my wife and I were in Montague for a weekend... there was a Saturday market... And one of those stands was selling those cute bird feeders (Some wire, a bottle and a spout)... and the sign next to it said: "Yes, I know your husband can make one... but when?"


I work in S/West and popped into Exsolar, and they let slip that they don't do installs either - they make use of 3rd party installers...  I've seen their installations and am quite impressed.. Those are typically the guys that I'm looking for...  :)

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Stephan, I live in Somerset West. There is a guy here called Vernon Bekker ([email protected]). I've seen some nice installs he's done. There is also a place just around the corner from ExSolar that does installs, though I forgot their name. You can also chat to Werner Pagels, he runs blue crane guest house up on the hill and also does solar installs (www.go-solar.co.za). He's more of a SolarEdge guy, Vernon did a lot of Victron setups for ExSolar, not sure if he's expanded beyond that, I know he was looking.


As far as I know ExSolar DOES installations, but they are so busy that they probably stick to high profile stuff and let the residential setups go to other people :-)

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