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Differences between Solar and AC charging

Chris Hobson

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Wild Guess. When charging from AC, the ripple current will be different, ie a small AC component might sneak through on the output and AC will have a different ripple frequency. A DC multimeter measures the "average", usually taking a number of samples per second and updating the display around two or three times a second for a lower-to-middle-class multimeter. So my guess would be that due to differing characteristics of the batteries they possible react differently to the ripple and produce a different "average" voltage.

Sounds like the kind of thing I can attach my scope to... :-P

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I know this from the battery balancers. They are Chinese "pass the parcel" that we have discussed before. Under solar they pass up the battery bank and on AC they pass down the battery bank - wierd. When I had my Zeners and was logging battery voltages they use to do the same thing.

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