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1 hour ago, Mistral said:

Does one need it?

No. You don't need it for any Victron install, even with the older inverters. It will work fine without it, but for a very specific kind of install.

When you run ESS, the system tries to zero the part that comes from the grid. There are two possible ways to measure how much is being used from the grid. The one is to use an external meter (such as the Carlo Gavazzi, or with the Multiplus-II you can use the eternal current transformer). The other is to use the Multi's built-in current sensor on the input.

If you use the latter option, then the Multi will zero it's own input. Only loads on the output will be powered by battery/PV.

If you are like most people, you will have some loads that you are going to leave on the grid side, for example a stove or a geyser. If you want to use your PV and battery power to help carry these loads (in a grid-tied manner) you need to add an external current meter/sensor.

So it all comes down to WHERE you want the zero point. Adding an external meter allows that point to be somewhere else other than the inverter's input. But you can build ESS systems without it... for those you must put all loads on the output(s).

Again, my advice for anyone asking this question is to watch the ESS webinar on youtube 🙂

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