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Calling all programmers - help!


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Hi All,


Need some advice as I am stumped/stupid. I am trying to fiddle around in C# to call the inverter with certain commands. I got the basics going and get the NAK response. (Been a LONG time since I programmed so snails pace.)


The problems are as follows:


  1. Could someone please help me with the fixed CRC codes to send for the following commands - I know they are calculated but after that remains the same:
    • POP00 = Run off Utility
    • POP02 = Run off Batteries
    • QPIGS
    • QPIRI
  2. How on earth do I send these CRC values to the serial port in C# - I have tried serialport.write (send string & hex byte, serialport.writeline (send string as hex translated to char) etc.

I get the NAK response if using serialport.writeline("QPIGS") - that obviously should not work, but that proves the port is open and readable.



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//TO SENDSerialPort sp = new SerialPort(); sp.PortName = "COM3";            sp.BaudRate = 2400;            sp.DataBits = 8;            sp.Parity = Parity.None;            sp.StopBits = StopBits.One;            sp.Open();            sp.DataReceived += new SerialDataReceivedEventHandler(DataReceivedHandler);            sp.ErrorReceived += new SerialErrorReceivedEventHandler(DataErrorReceivedHandler);            ProtocolCommand.command = "QPI";            byte[] tx = ProtocolCommand.GetBytes(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(ProtocolCommand.QPI),                        CRC16.Calculate(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(ProtocolCommand.QPI))));            sp.Write(tx, 0, tx.Length);//RECIEVE RESPONSESpublic void DataReceivedHandler(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)        {            var sp = sender as SerialPort;            MemoryStream _rxBuffer = new MemoryStream();            bool _gotResponse = false;            if ((sp != null) && (!_gotResponse))            {                while (sp.BytesToRead > 0)                {                    byte b = (byte)sp.ReadByte();                    _rxBuffer.WriteByte(;                    if (b == 0x0d)                    {                        _gotResponse = true;                        break;                    }                }            }            _gotResponse = false;            _rxBuffer.Position = 0;            SetText(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(_rxBuffer.ToArray()));            Datalogger.insertRecord(ProtocolCommand.command, Encoding.ASCII.GetString(_rxBuffer.ToArray()));            _rxBuffer.Dispose();        }

Hope this helps :)

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