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mounting 3x Axpert MKS 5Kva inverter above each other?


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Has anyone mounted 3x Axpert MKS 5Kva inverters in a line, above each other? The space where I need to put these inverters is very limited and I can't really only mount them above one another. I will be able to leave open 50CM space between each inverter though.

Apart from the wiring which will be a bit of a nightmare (3 sets of cables coming out of each, joining together somewhere), what other potential issues can I run into? Will they overheat? Or, at least the top inverter, will it overheat?

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The manual recommends 50cm above and below and 20cm side clearance, the heat sinks are on top and vents are on the side.

Therefore I think the side clearance is more important, an extract or circulating fan would be a great help.

That is my reasoning as well but I want to find out if someone has done this yet, and ran into any particular problems due to such a stacking method.

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Best would be to put some type of separation between the units.

This should prevent one unit from sucking in the hot air from another unit.

How would you be able to reach the top unit?

I wouldn't need to work on the inverters every day so a two step ladder could be used. It's an inside installation and the wall is probably 2.5m tall.

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If you provided external cooling and separation you could probably get away with having them closer. I certainly would not want two units one above the other. The supplied parallel cabling will probably not reach. My unit runs at about 36oC so I think the 20 cm is over stated the units draw in air at the bottom and vent on the sides and top. I think it is better that they are next to  each other even if you do not have 20 cm either side. 

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