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Eskom's New tarrif guide and excel sheet


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important information on new charges.

They are cutting the 4 brackets and now it will only be two. <600kwh and >=600kwh


Most important information on this xls:


What I have learnt from that is the homepower is what Me and langgat gets.
Langgat a very big effect on charges is the NMD number. Check what yours is on your bill.


homelight = prepaid from what i understand , so if you are on prepaid you fall under this. You guys still get 50 units free in some cases (roughtly R40 woohoo).

What is shocking though is that if you put in 755kwh on both homepower(16kva) and on powelight(60A selection) I get R868 vs R764

That means that having a prepaid meter will save you R100 per month if you use around 755kwh??? apart from the 50 units you get free(probably not forever)

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Since 1st July I see CPT have now changed some of the terms of pre-paid metering.

See here for the latest... http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/electricity/Pages/ElectricityTariffs.aspx


Basically you will only recieve the 50 free units if you consume less than 350kWh per month!

Also to be on Lifeline tarrif you have to consume less than 450kWh per month AND your property must be valued at less than R300k!!!

Pensioners can request Lifeline at least.


Normal Domestic have now also shifted to blocks of 0-600kWh and 601kWh and above.


Interesting to note is tha Net metering will now rather be known as SSEG customers (Small Scale Energy Generators).

Allthough they will be screwing you regarding the units you generate at 1/2 the price :(

I did a quick sum, and at 1500kWh per month, you will save R468 per month by bieng on the SSEG rate and that is without "selling" any power back to the grid.

I put "selling" like that, cause at the price they pay you, it is robbery!

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