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Axpert RS232 Comms board


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Good Day Everyone

I have a problem presently in that i was able to communicate(Watchpower, ICC) with my RCT apxert 5KVA inverter till about two weeks ago. It would appear that the little comms board which seems to be separate to the parallel comms board has gone faulty. Has anyone had this and if so were can a person get spares.


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3 hours ago, Antjhb said:

Has anyone had this

Not personally. But I've heard of several.


where can a person get spares.

Your supplier, or possibly on Ebay from a supplier such as maximum_solar (they seem to be the main providers of MppSolar products). Have a photo of your serial number handy, to prove that you don't have a clone [ edit: and possibly to identify the model exactly, in cases like this where it matters ].

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