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My brother's installation


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As I said he generated 18MW last month, probably around R15k a month saving.

He also has a 200 kW wind turbine which has been running for about 18 months now. Not as predictable as solar and only really makes rated capacity under very specific wind conditions.

jdp, yes it is expensive but his reasoning is that he cannot wait and do nothing, at the rate that electricity prices is increasing he needs to buffer his input cost.

He spent a lot on renewables, with the wind turbine and solar installation he also had to build his own electricity grid on the farm to distribute the power he generates effectively. It is still only about half of his consumption.

But I tell you, those inverters are works of art. If my wife allowed me I'd mount them in my living room!

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In Cape Town it is R1.87 ex VAT = R33 660 + R4 712 = R 38 372.40 incl.


I only use about 16kWh per day so that is R34.19 incl VAT for me.  :D

And I am still too high. To many wants still around the house. SWAMBO's and all their siblings.

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