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4 hours ago, John John said:

Please help 

My personal Choice in the order of preference. 

  1. Victron
  2. Goodwe
  3. Solis. (Hybrid)
4 hours ago, John John said:

5 kva inverter that is reliable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Its not easy to find both those in one unit, the more reliable it is, often the more expensive it is.

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Welcome John.

7 hours ago, John John said:

... doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Reminds me of this I saw in a print repair shop:

We offer three kinds of service:
Fast – Cheap – Good
You can pick any two:
Fast and Cheap service – won’t be Good
Cheap and Good service – won’t be Fast
Good and Fast service – won’t be Cheap

Just shop harder for the right prices. You get gems out there.

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Hey John. 

I am selling my Victron Multiplus 5Kva, 48 Volt, still boxed, never been opened. 

Please see link for full specs.

Giving it away at R15 000.00


If you are interested please contact me on 0722609103. 



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