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What happened to Terrible triplet


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42 minutes ago, plonkster said:

He left over the weekend

Sorry , correction my friend , in the sake of transparency.

Lets not beat around the bush. He was banned and then unceremoniously deleted from the forum. I am not much on the forum these days but I assume that he insulted someone heavily in the PF public forum. In all my years being part of forums he only the the second one that I have seen been deleted. The other guy came out on a US form and made some seriously bad remarks. So I would assume it would be something bad that placed Power Forum in a serious bad light. ,,,,   

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5 minutes ago, PaulF007 said:

in the sake of transparency


5 minutes ago, PaulF007 said:

So I would assume

Hey... being vague is my thing! 😛

My summary of the situation is thus: There are personalities in this world that clash. If you have any sense, you stay out of the fray. TTT was just not the kind of guy to do that. I remain in contact with him off-forum. But I have that other vilest-of-vile personalities: The phlegmatic.

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@stoic grabs popcorn ...

2 hours ago, plonkster said:

If you have any sense, you stay out of the fray

Personally I like it when people are themselves... The problem starts when other people make it their issue.

oh... and just to be clear, i have no idea what happened, but i feel that any person lost, that was openly sharing knowledge, is a loss none-the-less

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