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Carlos Hennig

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8 hours ago, Carlos Hennig said:

My inverter of 5kva with 48 V  of operation

You didn't give the make and exact model. It's likely that you have a clone. See Do I own a clone?


, has and error  and show that in the middle of the "screen";  with the number 90.

This is a Voltronic Power defence against their firmware being stolen by clone makers. However, it has occasionally been seen in legitimate inverters.


So I Know for an inexplicable reason , the hibrid inversor loses the serial number , that its true? .

Do you mean that in WatchPower, the serial number is shown as 55535553555355? This is a "generic" serial number, not a real one. If you actually have a hybrid inverter (i.e. an Infini clone, not an Axpert clone), then firmware updates are much rarer.


Do you know any solution for that ? 

If you have a genuine Voltronic Power manufactured inverter-charger, you could flash the firmware with a suitable replacement. The following link tells you whether you can do this, and what you can update to if possible, and there will be links to the appropriate patched firmware in the index. Note that updating to recent factory firmware (e.g. version 73.00) will not solve this problem. However, if you can update to a patched firmware such as 73.00e, then that will work.

Can I update my firmware, and if so, to what?

Note that if you have a clone, this may not work. In fact, some clones can't be updated at all. In that case, all you can do is ask your supplier for a new control board.

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