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Parrellel 2 Victron


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4 minutes ago, phil.g00 said:

If that's first four digits, then they won't parallel unfortunately.

It is the first .

4 minutes ago, phil.g00 said:

re-ordering the same product from the same supplier.

Same situation here. Ordered from the same supplier, one month apart.. I hope they will exchange the unit for him. 

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I got mine exchanged, but not necessarily without some leaning on by the my preferred local electrical retailer ( who has a bit of clout due business volume).

It the meantime I kicked up a fuss with Victron directly, initially they pointed the finger at the supplier's incompetence, but I didn't accept that a major electrical wholesaler in Africa could be reasonably expected to be aware of chipset numbers.  Especially when the Victron part numbers are the same.

Eventually, the Victron MD stepped up to the plate and said he would smooth out any unit exchanging issues.  Like I said though this wasn't necessary in the end.

I personally think that the chipset number of the unit and the paralleling capability consequences should be more overt and obvious. The ability to parallel units is a selling point that Victron does make a big thing of. It's printed on the outside of their units, so I believe it is beholden on them, and they can't hide behind the fine print.

Incidentally, the supplier who exchanged the unit was ACDC dynamics.

The next I bought two units (Quattro's) together, I insisted that the chipsets were identical.  Segensolar did that for me.

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