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Is it viable to power 2 swimming pool heat pumps?


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Good Day,

As the subject states would this be achievable with a grid tied setup?

The heat pumps are 9kw & 17kw units. We have enough roof area to fit pannels. I understand that at night we will be using the grid to power them but if we can try save during daylight hours that would help.

Based in Durban.


Any suggestions?


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1 hour ago, Natal_Nic said:

any suggestions on steps forward?

Firstly, can you please tel my if the pool is covered when not in use, if not, your heat loss over the surface area of the pool might play a big role in your high electricity bill. Installing the correct blanket/cover will reduce your usage a lot? (If you can reduce the system losses, it might reduce the required system size as well, saving you some money. 

After that I would consider a grid tie inverter that is capable of being paired with a battery inverter in the future. For now you will will only benefit from  PV inveter, but if you want to expand to battery backup in the future , you will be able to expand without any major issues.

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