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Infinisolar - Grid tie weirdness when I tell it not to discharge battery when grid is present


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Until recently my Infinisolar inverter has been configured in Grid tie with Backup (II) mode like so:


I have a ET112 meter that is used to block feed in to the grid - connected using the add on RS485 board.

Setup like this my inverter charges the batteries from solar only.  Pushes power to the grid side - using the ET112 data to avoid pushing to the council.

In the evening or when the PV is insufficient the battery is drawn on to make up the shortfall.

@Rautenk went through my inverter behaviour when set like this and gave me the signoff.

So this is all OK, but since we face shedding I tried to reconfigure settings so that the batteries are charged and kept charged and only used when the grid goes off.

So I set it up like so:



So this makes sense to me: charging from PV or Grid, put battery as last choice for load supply.

But I had an unexpected effect:  my inverter has now stopped feeding any power to the house side.  Its only supplying the small amount needed for the essential loads.

Has anybody else seen this or have an idea why this happens?





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42 minutes ago, Elbow said:

But I had an unexpected effect:

I have no idea if it will solve your issue, but please check the box for "Allow battery to discharge while PV is available:

What i hope the inverter will do, is to allow power to flow to the non essential loads, the MPPT will wake up and try to charge the batteries back up. As long as the voltage stays above 51.5 this might work, once it falls below, the ac will start charging the batteries and cancel all feedback out. 

Just as a test.


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