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Burning out a HA-20 Battery balancer


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Jip, this morning I had some fun. You know when you get that smell of something burning out and it's bad one. Run my ass off in to the garage in to a nice white smoke. Drop all power and the first thing that go's up in my mind is the inverter or mppt that took a hit of the vacuum cleaner " but i can't be because the vacuum cleaner got a slow start before going in to full power and my inverter is 8kw and there is solar". 

Start doing closer inspection and following the smell, found the HA-20 super warm and the smell is coming from it. Jip, melted the wires and some stuff inside. 



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55 minutes ago, DeepBass9 said:

Hopefully that is not a symptom of a battery failing.

Just check the battery level now and volts. A bit higher then the other so need to keep a eye on it. It looks like maybe. I guess my plans for buying batteries is getting closer. 

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