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ICC not controlling my Axpert King


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Hi All,


I have an Axpert King Inverter with 12 Solar Pannels and 2 X Pylontech UBS3000 batteries. I have ICC on PI linked up and it was working nicely - monitoring and managing the inverter mode through the Battery control tab settings of ICC. 

I had a scenario where both inverter and PI and was restarted. Since then the ICC is monitoring as it did previously, but does not control the Inverter mode anymore  

I've tried through both the SOC setting and / or the Time based settings. Its not making the switch as expected. 

I can also see that the "Change Inverter mode" tab on ICC is greyed out (Disabled), where previously I was able to use it.


Any advice on how to get the system back to a state where I can Use ICC to control the inverter mode?



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Thanks @Centurionsolar - that worked, i can now change the inverter mode manually again.


But now,  how do i set it to switch to SUB based on the timetable? Also, can I have both SOC and Time control on... for example:


-  I want it to use SUB from 5am - 9am and again from 4pm - 8pm

- it can use SBU during the rest of the periods - but still keeping to the SOC control of (43 to SUB) and (55 to SBU)


Thanks for the help!

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Hi MrB,

I don’t know if you can use both at the same time.

i know that you have to stop (left top) the ICC, then tick all the x’s where you want them, right through, from left to right. Then save, then start ICC (left top) again.

Also make sure before you save that the option is green and not black, in other words set to on.

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