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EasySol II48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70GX - Newby help needed

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I am living in Keimoes Northen Cape and is just starting with solar. I have a technical background, but as I read through the

forum i see i will need  a lot of help to make the correct choices. I looking at the EasySol for a complete once

off solution for backup power supply at first:

1. Aircon 0.3 kW

2. Security lights : 0.2 kW

3. Tv/Router/Dstv/Cellphone charging/Pc's/Printer - ??? - 0.5 kW

Will start with the EasySol and a few batteries and over time go all the way with panels and more batteries. 


---Shortened to save some space----

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18 hours ago, Orange123 said:

Is there anything I have to add for remote monitoring or is it already included in the equipment ?

EasySolar-II includes a GX device (as we call it), a nanopi based board on the inside with a 16x2 LCD display on the front. Plug in the ethernet cable and monitoring is sorted.

Edit: OK, perhaps one item to add. A USB-MK3 cable. It's really nice to have to configure the inverter (using the windows software) and to do firmware updates. You can configure the inverter without it (using the VRM portal), but for firmware updates it's still a good thing to have.

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