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Solis/Kodak 4.6Kw inverter


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Hi Guys,

Please give me an (informed) opinion on the Solis/Kodak 4.6Kw inverter.

I plan to parallel a pair of them under my solar pagoda with about 7.26Kw of Canadian Solar panels and backfeed via my swimming pool DB into my main DB. I put in a new 6mm squared steel wire armoured cable for this purpose. The pool pump drawing 1.1Kw will be running almost all the time.

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1 hour ago, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Thanks for that. First... are they Kodak or Cotek???


1 hour ago, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Second, I think that Makro's parking structure solar setup uses Solis inverters?

Its the same units, small changes, Kodak is just the re-branded Solis. 

1 hour ago, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Third, why is the DC disconnector important?

Just convenient if you need to switch off the PV to work on the inverter. 


43 minutes ago, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Price on two 4.6Kw units, Jaco?

Will send it to you.

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On 2019/11/01 at 11:20 AM, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Please give me an (informed) opinion on the Solis/Kodak 4.6Kw inverter.

Have a 3kw Solis, it has been running for about two months.  So far it appears to be a good inverter given the price, it is doing what it is supposed to be doing (it replaces an old 4kw Fronius that wasn't on the NRS list).  Personally I would stick with what is on the approved NRS list.  The last time I looked the Kodak's weren't on it, but that might have changed.

You might consider updating the firmware depending on your installation, newer versions appear to handle the non-feedback / CT scenario better.

Mine had firmware from 2016 out of the box.  Just be careful to make sure you get the right firmware else you will brick the inverter (my installer managed to do just this, but there is a recovery procedure).  You also need a special usb stick that plugs into the inverter to do the firmware upgrade (or brick recovery) on the Solis, don't know if the same applies to the Kodak. 

The wifi stick's software does appear to have an upgrade function, but I don't know if this works.  It is a question I have queued up for Solis UK next week, along with where to get new firmware which doesn't appear to be generally available.  My installer got the files for mine.


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On 2019/11/08 at 2:53 PM, IdlePhaedrus said:

So far it appears to be a good inverter given the price

So, today, when load shedding started the Solis decided not to stop feeding back into the grid 😮

It ran for a few minutes before I realised.  Before I turned it off the voltage readings on my UPS inverter were all over the shop (as one would expect).


Have subsequently tested it manually and it has worked as expected, but ja, dunno.

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