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Axpert MKS 5Kw refuses to power up.


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Maybe Chris can help me here

My inverter will not power up

I have an Axpert MKS 5KVA inverter. 

The system runs on 2 strings of 325W panels. Presently my PV supply measures 83V. Battery voltage is at 50.1V and it's a 48V battery system

Open circuit voltage is spot on within the manual specification and I have checked everything. It has been running seamlessly since April. and this morning it started a scheduled battery equalisation

I was working in my workshop when the power went off. I checked everything and noticed that the inverter will not switch on at all.

I am presently running on grid power, and would like to know if there is any way to determine if the inverter has packed up?

The supplier is shrugging me off as they did not do the installation. This is of course a huge frustration to me and I will not open the inverter, breaking the seal as this inverter is stuill under warranty

What can I do to check if all is well and diagnose the problem?

Thank you



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