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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason
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Jaco de Jongh

Posting Guidelines.

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Good day and if you are new to Power Forum. welcome here with us. 

Here is some data you can include in your post to help us help you. 

  1. Inverter brand and specific model number
  2. Battery brand, model numbers, Ah rating, how many you have. 
  3. Panel sizes(watts), how many you have and in what configuration they are connected, for example, 3 in series and 4 strings in parallel.
  4. Wherever possible, upload Inverter Manuel, Battery or panel Data sheets  related to your question in the Original post. This will save a lot of time spend looking for the data.  
  5. Load profiles and weather conditions / patterns that might be related to your problem/ question...   

If you want to ask someone specific a question or you want to answer to something specific he/she has said, please ensure that they get notified of your question/comment by doing one of the following:

  1. Highlight the are of his post you want to ask about or comment on, and click on the quote selection. Quote.JPG.ba5097c57516cf0d2b692d6fe5a14ace.JPG
  2. If you want to use a members name, start by typing @ and the first letter of his name, it will look like this                                                                                                                                      Plonk.JPG.e7bfd03256b961597e8cba5d1fe56ba3.JPG

Without using one of these two methods to get the members attention, he can easily miss your question/comment and leave you without an answer. 


Here is a few examples of questions that might be confusing and questions like this results in a lot time spend collecting all the info that is needed to be able to answer. 

  1. Will my generator be able to charge my 7.2kw lithium battery? --- It is almost impossible to answer this question without the KVA rating of the generator as well as the battery brand. Each brand has got its own settings and parameters and we need to know them to be able to help you.
  2.  What is the correct equalization settings for my 200 Ah battery bank ---- The same goes for this question. Firstly we need the  Brand and model number of the Battery, and preferably the Data sheet to see if your battery can be equalized and what the equalization voltage should be. 
  3. Why is my inverter not charging my batteries. ---- We get quite a few questions like this, and here is the info we would need to answer your question , --  Inverter model, list of settings ---- battery  type , ah and quantity --- Panel size, quantity and connection configuration..   


In Short: Include as much info as you can related to your problem / question. It will just ensure that you will get the most accurate answers to your questions. 





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Good morning

I do have a solar system installed at my house. I do have 16 Trojan T-125 6 volt batteries installed. My system is close to 5 years old and I am having trouble with my batteries. I do need to refill with battery water every third day and there is a acid smell in the room. Is 5 years the average for the life time of the batteries. The question I need to answer for myself do I buy another set of batteries or do I change to lithium batteries




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