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Axpert MKS II solar + AC input mix for AC output?


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its a setting I think 16 "Charge Priorities"

Probably set as SNU which means use solar and utility together to charge batteries NOT supply to load.

Perhaps the more experienced guys can comment further.

It must be either CSU (preferred) or OSO

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9 hours ago, DrLoLCat said:

Is it possible for an Axpert MKS II to mix/blend solar and AC input for AC output?

Under certain conditions, I believe that some models, the ones with the 450 V max MPPTs, can do it. I don't own one, and have little interest in them, so I can't comment much further.

Check the manual, especially the section on operating modes ("Operating Mode Description"). Check for modes where there are two arrows into the "load" (compat fluoro) icon. In these cases, it seems to be implying that mixing is occurring. This is a case of an "off-grid" inverter pushing power into the AC output, which in those cases is also connected to the AC input, which means it's going a little "on-grid" work, without all the regulations usually associated with that mode of operation. Hopefully, it's all safe enough, and doesn't push enough power into the AC-in in some conditions (like a sudden reduction of load) to cause problems (like meters tripping due to back feed).

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