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Help With Rs485 Cable Please?


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15 hours ago, GeorgeP7 said:

what is the purpose of the RS 485 cable between the Mecer Inverter and Dyness 4874?

Unless the Dyness is a PylonTech clone, and the Mecer is a particular and recent model, it will do nothing at all.

If it does anything, it will update the Mecer with accurate SOC values from the battery, and it should respect the lower charge limit that the BMS may declare as one or a few cells approaches full when the rest of the cells have not yet. It may do a little more than that; it's a bit of a mystery at present.

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Thanks for the response.

What you have said agrees with the situation at hand.

From my understanding the RS 232 port on the Mecer cannot be used as a comm line for the Dyness RS 485 port as the two standards are different on this very generic inverter.

None the less the unwitting installer has connected the two ports up for reasons best known to himself. The connection may or may not be causing the alarm but it would seem to me the best approach would be to disconnect the lines thus leaving the units as stand alone which may solve the short term problem. But what are the long term problems of not have this connection? I fear the batteries could overheat!

As a rule of thumb i believe the inverter and lithium batteries should match each other with a CAN/RS 485 port as a basic safety issue; am i correct in this?



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