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Solar Installer & Supplier Required - Western Cape


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I'm busy looking at a solar power installation, but don't want to do it all at once.  We have a separate building that I want to start with first to see how it all works, before doing the main house.  I only need to power the following:

12 x LED lights
2 x fluorescent lights
1 x PC
1 x LED TV
1 x Fridge
1 x CCTV DVR with 8 cameras
1 x Wifi Access Point
I'm not sure if it's possible to also power an aircon from a solar system?

I'm looking for a system to run from solar power, and fall back to eskom if not enough power from solar, and also as a backup for when Eskom power goes down.  Any recommendations on who I can use in the Western Cape?  And how much can I expect to spend on something like this?


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