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Axpert inverter low battery warning even though pylontech batteries are fully charged.

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our system is as follows. 
10 x 330w panels leading into an Axpert 5kva inverter powered by 2 x 2.4kw pylontech batteries. 

I have used the settings recommended in this forum for the pylontech batteries but my problem is this. 

the pylontech batteries show fully charged or almost fully charged yet the Axpert inverter is issuing a code 4 warning saying the batteries are low. 
not sure how to make sure the inverter and the batteries register the same charge? 

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If you can change setting 5 to PYL with that black cable (have other settings actually), black cable might not work. Try to change setting 05 to PYL, need to see if your inverter have that setting.

otherwise to get rid of error 04, set 29 to 45.5, the alarm actually buzz at setting 29+ 2v, which is too high IMO. I run mine at 45.5v and have 0 issues, battery never go lower than 30% before PV starts charging it in the morning.

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I know they say everywhere 48v or 47.5v, problem is, your batteries will most likely run at 49v 99% of the time, the BMS will shut it down at around 10% SOC and should actually go back to grid at around 22% SOC, without any monitoring software or anything. 
setting 27 should also be same as setting 26. The Axperts use voltage to determine SOC and it is actually way off measuring it that way.

setting 29 at 45.5v will be fine as you have 12 at 48. The battery should be at 48v for a while before it will go to grid.

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