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Infinisolar and Pylontech batteries


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hi Guys

i just need your opinion on this one. i have a 5kw plus infinisolar (mecer) not connected to PVs as yet only to 9kW of pylontech batteries. every is running smoothly except that the grid only charges my battery to 49.2v then it displays  0 charging current. also when the main switch or earth leakage trips some reason i can't sort that out without having to switch everything off, it give the 05 message of the display screen?

any solutions?

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Is it raining when you have this problem, you might have a leak and it is tripping your DB or something is short circuiting and initiate the trip. I had a similar issue where wires were exposed and earthed after another electrical installation. Luckily we could isolate and fix it quickly.
When dry you might not have this problem but when wet you could have this problem. Only a suggestion.

What are your settings for back to grid/back to battery?

is there any way to be able to check your inverter temperature and/or battery temperature?

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Hi Sleeeper747

The error code 05 is an inverter overcurrent (surge). This will happen when you draw too much current , excess of 5KW (>20amps). You should check what is drawing current at the same time especially heating devices as they tend to use the most power. eg A kettle can draw 10amps and a iron can also draw 10amps together they have used up the capacity. A 3kw geyser will draw 12,5 amps.

As far as the battery charging goes. The parameters need to be adjusted.

I do not know exactly what the pylontech batteries specifications are, however I believe they should be close to other  48volt lithium iron batteries.

The settings below are used for narada 48v 100ahr batteries.

Please check and confirm with supplier if these settings are correct before implementing.

Floating charge voltage: 52.3 volts.

Max charging current: 20amp per 48volt battery in parallel.

Setting voltage back to utility : 47volts.

Setting voltage back to battery: 51volts.

Bulk charging voltage (C.V. voltage): 54 volts.

Low cut off dc voltage: 44volts.Insert other media.url

I hope this will be of some help.


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Pylontech settings are:

bak to grid 48v

back to battery 51v

bulk and floating charge 53.2v

cut-off 47.5v (this will actually keep the buzzer going, so my setting is lowered to 45.5v, it will go back to grid at around 22% SOC or below 48v)

charging is 25A x N (N = amount of batteries), 4x25 = 100A, if you have 4 batteries you can charge at 100A, I lowered mine to a max of 80A (40A per inverter).

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