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Battery for Electric Ice Auger

Lucas Mill

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I recently wanted to switch from propane augers to the electric ice auger. I saw DIY video on YouTube, but I don't know what battery to buy.

What I need to consider its temperature resistance, power and life span, is there anything else?

I saw a lot of packed batteries on amazon, and then I google "custom ice auger battery" and find this brand. Does anyone know before?

Last question, this type of battery needs built-in BMS?

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@Lucas Mill - Sorry, most of us live in South Africa - What is "ice"?😆 Seriously though I don't have an answer without knowing the specification of the powertool, the load on a battery should be foremost, then how you are going to use (few minutes, hours at a time, etc). We need a lot more information before we can advise.

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