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New hybrid inverter system advise


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Hi Guys

Been following the forum for quite some time and at a stage (no pun intended) where I want to install an inverter system with a phase 1 being battery only to combat load shedding and stage 2 being adding solar panels to reduce grid consumption.

Our household uses an average of 40kWh per day with the big culprits are the 2 geysers (we have 3 in total but 3rd is a gas geyser) and pool pump which runs for around 6-8 hours per day.

There are a plethora of invertors and systems on the market, too many to choose from, after careful consideration I think I’m going to opt for either Victron (very likely) or Goodwe (a little less likely) mainly because they’re quite well know and well supported brands I’d rather spend more and know that I’m getting a product with good support. I would also like to later integrate the Victron with Home Assistant.

I’d imagine based on our consumption that we’d need around a 5KW inverter? I probably wouldn’t run things like the pool pump and geysers on it until we’ve added the solar.

In terms of batteries I’m thinking Pylontech US3000B’s x 2 maybe 3? What sort of run time could I expect?

Would really appreciate some feedback from the helpful community and hopefully a push in the right direction from the clever folk around here.

I’m currently got all of my networking gear which is exclusively Mikrotik and Nokia ONU running off a 2 x 35Ah so that our internet hungry home has connectivity through load shedding, given that I’ve already got this in place I’d probably put it on a circuit that’s isolated from the inverter setup.

Thanks in advance I really do appreciate any advise and people in the know taking time to answer questions like this on a forum. 

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