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CoCT replacing meters?


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Just to keep things interesting for Cape Town solar geeks.

My permission to commission my system contains this sentence:


Groan.  I have an existing Landis+Gyr prepaid meter.  Now these meters can be configured to cut the power if they detect reverse energy (its considered as a tamper attempt).  Mine though has that set off.  So it bills me for reverse energy if I overshoot - and of course when the iron is being used or the oven then I do see some overshoot when the iron or oven thermostat turns off.

So its a concern for me that they want to swap the meter - since I may end up with trip problems if a heavy load goes off in the house and it takes my inverter too long to back off the power and enough reverse energy flows to trip the reverse energy detection.


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One would hope that CoCT is aware of the trip issue, and when they replace a meter specifically because of an SSEG application, that they would not replace it with a problematic one. I mean, I have not heard complaints, and one can certainly hope... also, the brand of meter they install is apparently not from the common Conlog/Landis stable of trippy meters.

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