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Used victron inverter

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Depends on the price you are offered, and if you have other constraints such as a municipality that requires the inverter to be on a list (for example). If you need compliance, you have to go new.

Otherwise, the older 3kva models in the aluminium case used to be priced a good third more and I personally have a preference for the aluminium case. They do however have a slightly higher no-load draw too. So I would say that if the price is enough of a discount on a new MP-II 3KVA it is worth it. How much is up to you...


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1 hour ago, Shockin said:

I am in jhb so will be used for backup   the multiplus i can get for 8k  the easy solar at 17k

Also if it is the 24V 3kVA Multi on Gumtree for sale, it still has the old processor in, so no ESS functionality.

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