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Good Day

Can the Victron Venus GX be connected to 2 MPPT's? and if so does it monitor both MPPT's on two separate screens, or does it combine the data and average it out on one screen?

Or do you need a separate Venus GX for each MPPT?

Many thanks in advance

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1 hour ago, jasonvanwyk said:

Can the Victron Venus GX be connected to 2 MPPT's

Definitely, only one Venus per system with multiple MPPTs. The MPPT's don't even have to be Victron MPPTs.

I have four 3rd party MPPTs (each working independently), and I configure my VRM with " Has DC system"  and a BMV and see the net total contribution on the DC side.

There would be better reporting and centralized control with a Venus and Victron MPPT's, than without them, but independent 3rd party MPPT's still work just as well at doing what they do..

In fact if your not looking for VRM or ESS, the system will even work without any Venus device.

It is a nice to have though.

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