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Axpert 5 Kva String advice?


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1 hour ago, Kiranbhowan said:

I need to know how connect the solar panels in series or parallels and how many panel per group please


What is the max Voltage rating of the MPPT. It's either 145 Volt or 450Volt? 

If its 145 volt you can wire 3 panels in series and 4 strings in parallel.  

If its the 450 volt MPPT you can parallel  2 strings of 6 in Series. 

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You want to parallel strings of 3 or 2 panels, not individual panels. Each string should have its own fuse or breaker; MC4 fuses on the roof are most convenient for installation, but a nuisance if they blow (quite rare).

The current for each paralleled string, which will approach the Imp for each panel, will add. So if the panel Imp rating is say 9A, then 4 strings will provide up to 36 A, a little more briefly under rare conditions.

If you connect 2S6P instead of 3S4P, you will get the same power, via less voltage but more current.


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