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Sacolar Solar Inverters

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Hi All

I am thinking to move over to solar because of all the load-shedding and to save money in the long run.

At the moment I am busy with a comparison of various brands of solar inverters and I came across a brand named Sacolar currently they have 2 different ranges available namely Sunforce-BC & Sunicorn-MHP through Solar Advise & Solar Way Supplies respectively and for me to be able to make a decision between Infinisolar V & Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM and the Sacolar I need more information.

I could not find a users manual on the Sacolar website to see how the unit can be configured in terms of Output Source Priority and Charger Source Priority because If there is excess power provided by the PV array I want the inverter to charge the batteries and not put power back into the grid.


Please advise if there is anyone with a manual for the Sacolar Sunforce-BC 5000 or Sunicorn-MHP 5Kw or must I look at different brands for inverters even though some of them costs a fortune?

If there are different brands of inverters which can be configured where the excess power provided by the PV array is used to charge the batteries and not put power back into the grid please advise.


Kind Regards


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 From what I can see the sacolar and growatt inverters are the same. Like the deye/sunsynks are also the same.


Maybe someone with the infinisolar inverter can help because it seems to have true hybrid features at the price of the cheap growatt/sacolar inverters.


Growatt also makes true hybrid inverters at much higher price range.


If you have enough funds to overspec on the panels and I mean like 10kw of panels and 20kwh of lithium batteries which is enough for a typical 3 bedroom house not a small holding/farm. We are talking R250k-R300k. Then any offgrid inverter with a decent warranty and parralleling ability will do.

If you don't have that budget then spending an extra R6k on a 5kw deye/sunsyks actually makes more sense. 

It's counterintuitive but it makes sense.



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