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Mecer 5KVA Inverter Not Charging on Solar First


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  • I am new owner of a Mecer 5KVA from Mustek,  at midday the inverter will stop charging and start to run on batteries until it deplets to zero or i have to restart it for the solar to come in.
  • What are the setting for the inverter to run direct on solar if the load is low, i am generating 1.7kw from the panels and with 10% load during the day. I have a pylontech 3000 battery.
  • I have also lost the password and username i got from mustek for the raspberry wifi for monitoring the inverter can it be resetted.


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17 hours ago, Petsvo said:

I have a:  U1 74 40  

OK, so that's a PF1 (5 kVA and 5 kW) 58.4 V Axpert MKS, with 145 V max MPPT.

I thought perhaps since you mentioned "at midday" that this was a firmware bug known to affect certain models, particularly Axpert Kings, which seem to have an off-by-one error somewhere in the partially implemented code for changing charger source priority by the hour. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

This sounds like a PV freeze, which also affects Axpert Kings, but it seems many newer models as well. Unfortunately, I've not been able to figure out what causes this freeze. There is a small chance I'll figure it out, as I have a King firmware that supposedly fix it, but I don't have an equivalent King firmware that definitely doesn't have it, to compare against.

The freeze issue is discussed in this topic.

So unfortunately, it looks like you just need to let your supplier and the manufacturer know that you are experiencing this problem, and hope that they eventually get enough complaints to do something about it.

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What are the recommended settings for my setup:

I more like off the grid , i get grid power sparingly, if everything is normal my grid power only comes when i am sleeping from 11pm-5am so i always have fully charged batteries in the morning to start my day, the rest of the day i should be on solar and batteries. I have the following:

  • 5KVA Mecer  PF1 (5 kVA and 5 kW) 58.4 V Axpert MKS, with 145 V max MPPT.
  • 1 Polytech 3.5KVa batteries
  • Less than 1kva load during  the day,  1 fridge, wifi router and TV,  the load will only come to 25% at night when i switch on the lights. i pump my water in the tank between 11pm and 5am when grid power is available
  • 8 panels mixed (4 X 330w and 4 X375w) at peak in the day i am getting 1.5 -1.7 kw at 110v from the panels.

I would be happy if i can get recommended settings start afresh to setup the inverter.


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