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Earth Leakage DB board wiring assistance


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I need a bit of assistance. 

I have an Axpert inverter set up as a battery back up solution. I only run the lights and the plugs off the system and ignore the geyser and the stove.  It runs off the system constantly for the fail over, so no manually switching. 

I have attached the wiring from the invertor alone. So have not included the 'normal' grid power circuit. 

The issue I have is that when on the grid and earth is triggered the invertor kicks in automatically and power is restored to the plugs and lights. Obviously I need it to stay earthed and not restore power in this scenario, when load shedding kicks in, different story. 

The key also is to ensure that the stove and the geyser stay off as it is only a 5KVA system and so cannot handle everything at once.  

Any advice on how best to wire this so that there is earth? 




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2 hours ago, javadog said:

Any advice on how best to wire this so that there is earth? 

Your earths are already a common wire and it you check the unit there should be continuity between input and output earth as well as the casing. That way, earth should be the same whether grid is available or not.. Some inverters have an internal relay to bond Earth and Neutral in the event of a power outage.. But that is a different story. 

You can just ensure that all your equipment is earthed properly and you should not have any problems. 

I hope this answers your question about the earth.  

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Remember that earth leakage devices do not need to have an earth connection. The device measures the current imbalance between the power supply cables.

In the case of a single phase supply this is between live and neutral.

So if there is a neutral connection to the Common terminal then the live cannot be fed through the E/L 


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