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Gwede Mantashe’s hold on the local solar industry


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A year or maybe more ago, Artsolar approached the "Government"  and asked that additional taxes be raised on the import of PV modules into SA. They hoped that it would discourage imports and send more sales their way (Assumption).

Now knowing what happens on a daily basis in SA with corruption ext, I cant help to wonder what effect involving the "Government" in their affairs had on the current situation. 

Edit: And now who will honor the warranty if they close down as predicted. Not the first time this happens to a local PV manufacturer. 

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This, to me, is not dissimilar to the situation in Australia right now, in that there is a problem, there is a clear solution to the problem, BUT it is going to cost some people their jobs. In such cases unions dig in and politicians of one stripe or another will back them. In Australia this means that government is not going to do anything to curb the coal industry - that's not how you get people to vote for you. I suspect that's the problem here - Eskom and the coal industry provide jobs and opening up for alternate energy production threatens jobs.

I can see both sides of this. Yes, something needs to happen to bring temperatures down and reduce the impact of climate change, but I'm not sure I'd just walk away from my job even if asked very nicely.

There has to be a fundamental change, not just in SA but everywhere, to how we deal with jobless people and the reduction of jobs. Already banks and insurers are laying off as technology starts to do more and more of the routine work. There are estimates that by 2030 nobody in the USA will drive a vehicle for a living (OK... race drivers will, but nobody will drive ON THE ROAD for a living) as autonomous vehicles improve and transport and delivery services automate (including moving away from trucks and using drones). It soon won't be possible for any government anywhere to promise everybody a job, indeed the job market seems to be shrinking already. Supermarkets with no cashiers are already being piloted in the UK. Governments have to either try to throw a clog into the wheels of progress (which is Mantashe's game) or find a way to keep the disemployed and those who will never be employed satisfied and active in the economy.

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On 2019/12/27 at 10:55 AM, Bobster said:

In Australia this means that government is not going to do anything to curb the coal industry - that's not how you get people to vote for you

I think this will change soon. There is more and more voters (especially young ones) who are concerned that we are on the wrong track. They realize that our present behavior is not sustainable. 

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