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MPP Solar MPI 10K hybrid inverter + Tigo optimizers MPPT lockup problem


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Hello everybody, thank you for having me, this is my first topic :)

I built a solar system using a MPP Solar MPI 10K hybrid inverter fed by 2x 13 400W Jinko Solar Cheetah PERC modules with Tigo TS4RO optimizers on each panel.
10400 W alltogether, feeding a home-built 600 Ah 14S Li-Ion NMC battery and my house.

I have a strange problem with MPPT tracker locking up at ~700 W (2x 350 W) power, not going higher despite there being plenty more panel power available.

It always happens the same: On a clear morning, the string voltages would slowly increase from 350 V (minimum for my MPPT) to about 500 V and 0,6 A per string. Everything normal so far, the optimal string voltage is 530 V.

What happens next is the strange part: The voltages keep rising because the MPPT will not take more power from the panels, it stays at 0,6 or 0,7 A per string. The optimizers max out at about 600 V total and the current stays the same, even with a lot of sun.

I can "kickstart" the MPPT tracker by changing the mode and some other tweaking (almost no charge current). It starts and works with full power after that. A passing heavy cloud works too. But on a clear day, I will lose a lot of power if I don't mess with the inverter manually.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? MPPT top limit could be a solution, but it can only go as low as 700 V on my inverter and I would need to set it to ~540 V. Or maybe the Tigo optimizers could have parameters to set. I'm not particularly counting on the MPP Solar support, they don't look very competent.

Thank you all for any input.

Best regards,


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