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Online/internet consumption monitoring hardware

Silver Phantom

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Good Day All,

Just just looking for some guidance here, I see a lot of members are monitoring usage if various appliances/systems around the house with quiet a few member installations show causing builds that use ct's to monitor usage.

I would like to monitor usage using ct's (or ?)

1. by breaker in the db board

2. Measure usage at the council meter ideally I would like to see if I am importing or exporting current (grid tied setup)

Is there a plug and play system that I can buy or has one of the members developed their own and us will to sell me a "copy"

Thanks Guys, love this forum and leant a lot from it.

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i am also new here and have an infinisolar 5kw inverter, supported by 5000w energy from panels and 9.6kw pylontech modules. i have an uncapped LTE internet and wondering how can i monitor the status of my system online? is there a specific app? is there something that i must install? please assist.




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On 2019/12/30 at 12:29 PM, IdlePhaedrus said:

Thanks for this, will look at going with the self built option and see how far I get before I crash and burn

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