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Mecer Output Voltage is Abnormal with dying batteries


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My AGM batteries are dying [2 of the 4 go down to 10V before system shuts down]. I have ordered new Lithium-Ions but it will be a week before they get here. Whenever I put a heavy load on, even when the sun is shining brightly [hair dryer or kettle] the inverter shows a huge load spike [more than double the rated load], turns off, and shows a #6 Fault - Output Voltage is Abnormal.

Is this normal 🙂?

Anything I can do about it [in addition or instead of not using the heavy load items]?

My current and very small Off-The-Grid system:

  • Mecer SOL-I-AX-3MPlus48 Inverter/Charger
  • 6-300W Enersol panels X 4hrs=3600Wh[Watt hours] X.8=5760Wh power potential per day
  • 4-12V 100amp/hour Vision batteries hooked in series=4800Wh storage potential [2400Wh at 50% SOC]
  • Yamaha EF5500FW Generator
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