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How many Pylontech Batteries to a Goodwe Hybrid

Greg Lee Sun

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Hi There

Can anyone tell me how many Pylontech Batteries (US2000B 2.4kwh) I can connect to the Goodwe GW5048D-ES hybrid inverter and if more than 4 batteries can be connected what setting do I use

Their app has a max setting of 4 x Pylontech batteries. Also can I add US2000B Plus batteries to US2000B batteries.

Thanks in advance!

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We have two Pylontech 3000's connected to the Goodwe.  The Pylontech provides SOC, charge and discharge settings to the Goodwe and I think if that is the case, you're probably not limited on the number of batteries.  One battery is the primary battery which manages the rest and provides the info the to Goodwe.  As far as I know, one battery can manage 7 others, i.e. 8 in total.

When I installed these last year, the 3000 wasn't available on the app and I left it on default setting.  As long as the two communicate, there's no problem.  In fact, I suspect the batteries are so intelligent, they will limit the charge and SOC by themselves, even if not communicating with the Goodwe.

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