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Narada 48npfc100


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@Pietvis - sorry for the slow reply, I don't browse the forums that often.

The NPFC should have a little pinhole with a reset button behind it.  IIRC it is to the right of the RJ45 sockets.   It is pretty simple - you press and hold the buttons for a few moments.  The status lights will cycle, and then the battery will switch off.  Pressing the button again will swith the battery on again.

I've found mine to be pretty finicky when connected to a Victron 150/75 MPPT - if there's no solar/inverter input to the MPPT the batteries tends to see the MPPT as a short and go into protection mode.  That usually happens if Eskom is down at night.  Then I just disconnect the MPPT, and reconnect it later when the sun is up or when Eskom is back.

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